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[Tuning] WinSplit Revolution

I’m currently working on a project that ask me to have three debuggers, two applications and a command shell running at the same time. I cannot put all these windows on different virtual desktops as I need to always see all of them. So, before using WinSplit Revolution, I was manually resizing the windows each time I was compiling, and it was really a pain…

With WinSplit Revolution, you can position your windows quite intuitively with shortcuts using the NumPad. e.g.: “Ctrl+Alt+4” to put on the left, “Ctrl+Alt+6” to put on the right… You can also resize them by 50% (like the native windows 7 built-in feature “Win+left” and “Win+right”), 33% or even customizable parts size of the screen.

Note1: If WinSplit Revolution crash when you try to position you windows, try to reinstall using the portable version.

Note2: If like me you use Chrome, you may want to disable some Chrome shortcuts that conflict with WinSplit Revolution. I’m thinking to the “Ctrl+1”, “Ctrl+2”, … shortcuts that open the Xth tab of Chrome. In my opinion, they are useless Chrome shortcuts. To do that, install Shortcut Manager on your favorite browser.

WinSplit Revolution scheme